Smithsonian National Zoological Park Experience Migration on Bird Plateau

Marvelous Migrations is a celebration of the awe-inspiring phenomenon of bird migration in the Western Hemisphere. Within the renewed Bird House building, visitors pass through grand soaring spaces filled with trees and sunlight. The Tracking Station connects visitors with real scientists doing bird research on site, and the multisensory Migration Passageway immerses them in the rush of wings and the perils birds face during their extreme flights. From the Pampas to the Tundra, and from their own backyard to a Shade Coffee Farm, visitors travel with songbirds and shorebirds through extensive walk-through aviaries that represent the full migration routes of these extraordinary animals. With a new understanding of how birds connect places and cultures across thousands of miles, visitors will leave inspired to take an active role in protecting migrating birds all along their remarkable annual journeys. 

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