Portico Selected to Design Two New Projects in the Pacific Northwest

June 19, 2013

The Portico Group is excited to have recently started on two projects in the Pacific Northwest. While we have clients all over the world, we love having the chance to work with institutions and organizations closer to home.

The Tillamook Forest Center in Tillamook, Oregon first opened in 2006. Its immersive and interactive exhibits lead visitors through the story of how the massive Tillamook Burn fires of the 1930s and 1940s devastated the forests of western Oregon. The community joined together in the 1950s and 1960s to replant the forest - seeds were collected from all over Washington and Oregon, and over one million seedlings were hand-planted in the Burn, many of them by local school children. The resulting Tillamook State Forest is now actively managed by the Oregon Department of Forestry to provide sustainable habitat, recreational opportunities, and economic benefits to the residents of Oregon. The Portico Group is working with the Center to evaluate their existing exhibits and recommend new facilities and attractions that will expand the already award-winning Tillamook Forest Center and bring all its information and media up to date.

The Portico Group is also working with the Audubon Society of Portland to find a new location for their Wildlife Care Center near Portland, Oregon. Their expanding rehabilitation and education programs are outgrowing their current site. Portico will develop a conceptual architectural plan for their new facility that will help them continue to achieve their conservation goals by increasing their rehabilitation capacity from 3,000 animals to 5,000 animals per year, as well as offering more live presentations and educational programs for the public.

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