Kansas City Zoo Celebrates Opening of Helzberg Penguin Plaza

November 01, 2013

Kansas City Zoo recently opened the doors to its newest exhibit, the $15 million Helzberg Penguin Plaza in Missouri. The Portico Group, in collaboration with Bowman Bowman Novick, designed a multi-faceted, rich experience, to connect visitors with penguin species from around the world. On opening day, visitors stood in 32-degree weather to get a glimpse of the four different penguin species - King, Rockhopper, Gentoo, and Humboldt - that may be found throughout the exhibit. Key features of the new exhibit include a 100,000-gallon cold climate indoor pool, a 25,000-gallon warm climate outdoor pool, and several small aquarium tanks containing coral reef fish, schooling fish, and jellyfish, which will be incorporated into the storyline to showcase the diversity of the ocean. Click here to learn more about the four species of penguins and their new home.

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