Johanna Schorr

Michael Hamm


Johanna Schorr is an award-winning architect with more than 30 years of experience creating inspirational spaces for communities throughout North America. Johanna infuses story and art into the built form as a reflection of community history, user experience, and site sensitivity. Her influential study of Japanese architecture gives her a keen sense of synergy between indoor and outdoor spaces, attention to detail, and framing views. Johanna’s design leadership encourages client and user engagement, as well as the collaborative creativity of multidisciplinary team members. Natural materials and sustainability innovations are standard components in her designs. Her follow through and responsiveness ensure successful project implementation and construction. From visitor facilities to buildings for parks and public gardens, Johanna is dedicated to creating functional, but uniquely beautiful structures that stand the test of time for people to experience and enjoy for generations to come.

MIG | Portico, 1500 4th Avenue, Suite 510 Seattle, WA 98101
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