Dennis Meyer

Michael Hamm


Dennis Meyer is an award-winning landscape architect with a reputation for exceptional vision and design. Working on his family farm, Dennis witnessed the suburban sprawl that altered the land around it. His interest in conserving agricultural lands, open spaces, and natural settings sparked a career dedicated to creating spaces with a deep sense of place and community. Dennis finds and reveals the stories hidden in the land and presents them for discovery by generations to come. His diversity and creativity are demonstrated in the range of parks, open spaces, museums, civic facilities, public gardens, and zoos that he has designed across the country. With over 35 years of experience, he has an uncanny ability to realize each site’s potential by illuminating community and client needs. His facilitation and communication skills enable him to diffuse potentially controversial situations and bring project collaborators to common ground. As a visionary and a pragmatist, Dennis seeks beautiful and innovative design solutions that affect positive change and produce memorable experiences and renewal.

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